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Brexit and Risk Management – Is this really the way it should be done?
by Rainer Selling (*) - 07/02/2016
Marco Liera is right saying that the European Union may be called a fragile organization, and I share his view that much too often people’s needs are cared for less than financial interests. This criticism has been repeated again and again and used to be a warning even 40 years ago before the transformation... Read more
YouInvest SpA Invests in Wealthminder Inc., a US Robo-Advisor Targeted to Professionals
by YouInvest Staff - 02/06/2015
YouInvest-The School of Investing and Personal Finance has joined the $ 1.45 mn seed funding of Wealthminder Inc. , a startup based in Reston (VA) that has developed a robo-advisory platform targeted to professionals. Such platform enables advisors to optimize their services for individuals with less than $ 500k... Read more
Bill Gross, Pimco and the myth of 'ever winning' managers
by Marco Liera - 10/03/2015
"Batteries  110% charged. I am ready to go for another 40 years" , tweeted Bill Gross, 69, founder of Pimco , the largest bond manager in the world. Pimco products have been sucessful among italian investors, too, but for the first time after 20 years of excellent performances, its flagship fund, Total... Read more
The ultra rich should donate more, instead of paying more taxes
by Marco Liera - 28/07/2014
In 2012 Americans gave to charity $ 335 billion, that is 2% of US GDP. Out of that amount, $ 240 billion came from individuals and the rest from corporations. Warren Buffett has just donated more than $ 2.8 billion, bringing the total of his giving at $ 23 billion. The Sage of Omaha has pledged to donate 99% of... Read more
Uber and the hedging of taxi drivers' wealth risks
by Marco Liera - 29/05/2014
"It 's our severance pay ." The taxi driver who picked me up outside Bari airport heard of anti-Uber protest of his colleagues in Milan. He says that his taxi medallion is the only asset he owns, adding that he borrowed money in order to purchase it. Like many other taxi drivers. Can we say that these purchases... Read more
Lio Messi's salary is more deserved than hedge fund managers' ones
by Marco Liera - 01/09/2013
Inequalities are not all the same. Within the group of the planet's super-rich people who keep growing their own wealth - topic that I covered in another article last year - there are those who are dramatically flourishing and others who grow a little less, but in a fairer way. In a quite unfair world, in which... Read more
Why you should sell the stock of companies whose executives are overpaid
by Marco Liera - 17/02/2013
"We are the ones who pay." With this claim, Swiss citizens will be asked on March 3 to vote on the Minder proposal (named after the representative from Schaffhausen who was the initiator) against the "unfair compensations" of some top executives of listed companies of the Confederation. The initiative aims to... Read more
Gurus' forecasts are useless for investors
by Marco Liera - 27/01/2013
As usual,  the annual World Economic Forum in Davos (committed - as stated in its mission - to improve the state of the world) has delivered a huge amount of forecasts and scenarios. A funny habit is listing the mistakes made by some “gurus” at previous year’s Forum. The wrong forecasts of... Read more
Being well-off without awareness is unsustainable
by Marco Liera - 20/01/2013
Common sense suggests that the relationship between knowledge and private wealth should be positive: the more you know, the better the chance of increasing your wealth. Research indeed shows that a higher education degree corresponds to a greater earning capacity. This rule is not, however, confirmed in Italy.... Read more
Looking for a more holistic financial advice
by Nicola Zanella - 18/01/2013
Let's start with a couple of considerations. 1 - Almost all of the academic research worldwide shows that the majority of people, from young to adults, has insufficient knowledge to independently take the financial decisions that are in their best interests, both in the short and long term. 2 - There is... Read more
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