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Our School's objective is to turn individual participants into aware investors, able to build and enhance their well-being over time following a rational method consistent with their goals.

To achieve this goal, the training is divided into an initial classroom teaching (Introductory Course) followed by a continuous online relationship that is based on a Financial Toolbox  along with the access to an exclusive, moderated Community.

Alternatively, the private investors who want to enter the Youinvest world without any learning commitment, can access to our Toolbox through a 12-month subscription.

To achieve an effective financial planning throughout the lifecycle we need to be able to make important decisions in different areas of personal finance: this is why the focus of our Introductory Course is understanding financial planning in a holistic view that can help our Participants to manage and minimize over time the various financial risks that they are bound to face. For example, liquidity risk, mortality risk, diability risk, credit risk, investment risk, and several others.

In order to follow a sound financial planning strategy, the individuals who join our Community are encouraged to build their own personal finance pyramid, which was also published in the peer-reviewed academic magazine The Journal Of Wealth Management.

Both online and classroom trainings targeted to individuals are performed by Marco Liera and Nicola Zanella.

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