About us

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YouInvest is the brand of the financial training provided by Wide Data Management SpA, an Italian licensed insurance brokerage company that offers primarily data management and business intelligence services targeted to employers and insurance companies. Wide Data Management SpA is the company formed by the merger of YouInvest SpA and GP Wide Insurance Srl, effective since Jan 1st, 2019. The major shareholders of Wide Data Management SpA are Marco Liera, founder of YouInvest, and Wide Care Group, the holding company of Andrea Pozzi, an Italian entrepreneur who has been running a successful data management business targeted to employers and insurance companies in the past few years.

Wide Data Management provides data management, business intelligence services, financial education, training and consulting to design and implement wealth management models targeted to employers, insurance companies, banks, financial advisors and asset managers. Our mission is to deliver the best academic research studies on personal finance and investing. The information services and financial education that we provide are entirely based on our proprietary research and learning materials.

Our areas of research include investing, insurance, estate planning and behavioural finance.

YouInvest has already provided financial education through customized, in-house classroom sessions and e-learning programs to several corporate clients. A sample of our proprietary research and other articles is available free on the company website (www.youinvest.org).

Disclosure: Wide Data Management is not licensed as an investment advisor or broker and does not recommend any financial instrument.

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