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1. About YouInvest S.p.A.
YouInvest S.p.A. (the "Company") is the owner of the website www.youinvest.org (hereinafter the "Site") and is domiciled in Italy, Milan Via Matteo Bandello, 2.

2. Company Contact

3. Disclaimers
The website contents only are only for informative, education and financial education purposes  and do not constitute an offer of sale,  subscription or solicitation, nor financial advisory of any kind. Should the User be interested in advice or suggestions for securities purchase or sale or money market tools, he  is invited not to browse this site.

4. Terms and Conditions of Use
The use of the Site is subject to User’s acknowledgment, acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions set forth herein. Should the User not agree to them, he is invited not to use the site or download any content from it. Access to paid services available through the Site is governed by the terms and conditions governing the entry also, to which reference is made.

5. Limitation of Site use and intellectual property
Documentation, images, graphics, software and all other content published on the Site are the property of the Company and / or third-party rights holders. The individual user is not allowed  to appropriate, reproduce, modify, distribute, republish, in any form, in whole or parts, all the information contained therein without the express written permission of the Company.  It is, however, permitted the storage and / or print of the Site contents for personal use only.
Trademark and logo as well as the distinctive signs appearing on the Site are property of the Company.

6. Links
The Company assumes no responsibility for material created and / or published by third parties on sites which the Site has an interactive link to (ie link), ie for the IT safety aspects and privacy protection.
Any linked website  adopts its own privacy policy different and independent from the Company. If you decide to visit any linked site you do so at your own risk. The existence of a link does not imply any form of sponsorship by or relationship with the Company.

7. Limitation of liability
The Company carries on only publishing and training activities and is not authorized to exercise reserved activities such as investment advisory and financial intermediation.
Contents published on the Site are treated with the utmost care and attention. Nevertheless, the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or fitness related to a particular information and communications purposes provided by the Company is not guaranteed: The Company disclaims any responsibility in this regard. The use of such data and information is at the sole risk of the User. In particular, the Company disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage which the User may possibly suffer in the course of its operations on financial instruments and foreign exchange and on his investments.
The same limitations on liability apply to all employees and representatives of the Company.
The Company is not responsible for the operation blocks, caused by faults or failures of any kind, maintenance and introduction of new technologies.
The Company reserves the right to change the prices of services. Payments made to the Company may be made through a third-party service. The Company is not responsible for the activities managed by the aforementioned third parties.
The Company has the right to intervene at any time and without previous notice, to update, alter, amend, suspend and close the Site

8. Readers' comments and copyright of the material you transmit to the Site
As to readers' comments on the site the authors of these comments shall grant to the Company the unrestricted right to use them freely,  with no temporal and spatial limitations, in part or in full, on the Site. Also included is the right to take texts from other official publications, media or books and store them. This right also extends to all attachments of any audio-visual media. The User declares that he has the necessary rights on the content submitted to the Company and therefore that he has the authority to make use fo them under these conditions.
The User assumes full responsibility for the comments posted on the Website.  The User acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to not publish and / or remove any comment that might be detrimental to the law or personality.

9. Cookies

The following text explains "What are cookies" and how are they used on this website. 

What are cookies?

A "cookie" is a text file that a website sends to your computer or other device connected to the internet to uniquely identify the user's browser or to save information or settings in your browser.

Are cookies used on this website? 

Yes, this website uses cookies to improve the site and to provide its users services and features. It is possible to limit or to disable the use of cookies through your web browser; However, without cookies some or all of the site's features may not be usable. 

What kind of cookies are on this website? 

Technical cookies strictly necessary.

These cookies are essential to carry out the activities required by the user. For example, to store information provided by the user while browsing the site, or to manage the status of "log" during the visit. 

Functional cookies

These cookies allow the website to remember choices made by the user, then reusable. For example, allow the website to store your search settings, authentication and other custom features. 

Third Party cookies

This website does NOT directly use any cookie for the purpose of profiling. However, this website uses embedded objects that downloading third-party cookies, often able to perform a profiling of the interests, research or the user's navigation, for which you will find below the links for detailed information and to manage the consensus:

Google Analytics

The website’s pages use Google Analytics cookies, capable of profiling, for the purpose to analyze aggregate data about visitors. On this website the IP of Google Analytics has been anonymized.

Privacy policy Google

Youtube videos 

This website could incorporate YouTube videos, Google’s property, capable of profiling, used by this site to show videos of Youtube.

Reference page Youtube 

Flash cookies

This website could incorporate objects with flash player for animations or videos can collect data like cookies on the user's terminal, used by this website to show videos or animations. 

About Flash player 

You can refuse consent to the use of your personal data in the context of behavioral advertising by visiting the website of IAB Italy 

Cookie social networks 

These cookies store information related to the use of the website by the common social networks. To find and disable these cookies you can find below the links to the social policies:



Google +


10. Law and jurisdiction
For any legal issue arising from the contractual relationship between the Company and the User as well as these Terms of Use Swiss law is applicable. Lugano is the place of jurisdiction for any dispute relating to or arising from this contract.The Company reserves the right to take legal action at the domicile or users’ headoffice. 

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