Nicola Zanella

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Nicola Zanella graduated in Economics from University of Bologna. He currently lives in Lugano (Switzerland) and deals with personal finance study, in particular the investment decisions area.
His research interests include: efficient markets theory, time diversification effects, equity and bond series predictability, equity premium puzzle, inflation-indexed bonds, the insurance theory and application and behavioral finance.

In 2009 he founded the first website in Italy dedicated to inflation-linked bonds (, whose contents he edited and updated for more than a year and a half. The website proved to be not only a useful information source for professionals (researchers and financial journalists), but also (and mostly) for private investors.
In 2009, he helped Marco Liera in writing the third edition of “Capire la Borsa”, published by Il Sole 24 Ore.  In 2010 he published his first book as a sole author, “Investire bene i propri risparmi” (Investing Properly Your Savings), published by Giunti in the ‘Obiettivo Risparmio’ series, in cooperation with Il Sole 24 Ore.
He is the author of many articles published in peer-reviewed magazine, as The Journal of Wealth Management. Since 2011 he has been working in YouInvest, as Head of the Research Department. He became partner of the company in 2011.

You can contact Nicola Zanella at:

Articles (Refereed Journals)

The Financial Risks Pyramid: Taking a Holistic Approach to Financial Advice, Journal of Wealth Management, Winter 2014
Dividend Yields are Equity Risk Premiums: Practical Implications for Financial Planners, Journal of Wealth Management, Spring 2015

Working Papers (not published)

Teorie di mercato: efficiente, razionale, casuale, irrazionale, complesso, caotico o frattale?, 2006
Le obbligazioni indicizzate all’inflazione, 2007
Joint-hypothesis problem: opportunità di profitto solo potenziali o inefficienze di mercato?, 2007
Il rischio persistente di differenti strategie di investimento in Italia e in Usa, 2007
Il rischio di investire in azioni diminuisce con il passare del tempo?, 2008
I benefici (evidenti) e i costi (nascosti) dello stop-loss, 2008


Investire bene i propri risparmi, (Investing Properly Your Savings) Giunti Editore, 2010

The book’s goal is clearly-stated: to provide all the necessary information in order to understand how you can properly use your savings according to your investment needs in the short, medium and long term while avoiding the costs arising from any improper use.





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