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Let's face it: the supply of training for finance professionals is already very rich and vast. But this does not mean that there are no training needs that require new responses.

Our experience can prove that. Since the go-live of YouInvest (29 April 2011) we have trained in-house more than 5000 professionals including financial advisors, private bankers, insurance agents and brokers.

The knowledge that backs our training is the outcome of the best academic research and range from asset allocation, to financial planning, to real estate wealth management and family business.

YouInvest is in a position to provide training for all the professionals that sell insurance products in order to comply with the IVASS (the Italian Insurance Authority) and the CONSOB (the Italian Financial Markets Authority) requirements.

The professionals we train are encouraged to follow a holistic approach to their client's personal finance, which was also published in the peer-reviewed academic magazine The Journal Of Wealth Management.

Our training is customized on the specific needs of financial institutions, insurance companies and other organizations, and is delivered both offline and online. If you have any question about our bespoke training projects, please contact us at:

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